Habilitative Day Services

ELS provides meaningful day services through a wide variety of activities that are intended to challenge, engage, stimulate, and educate. Those activities are both community based and within ELS center. The goal is to enhance quality of life, improve social and vocational skills, promote movement, and improve cognitive growth and sensory integration. Day Services can be the turning point needed to conduct a gratifying and worthwhile employment, it can also help cultivate essential confidence and self-esteem.

We strive to provide specialized Day Services that are habilitative in nature, and to provide programs and activities that are designed to meet the personal needs of individual. ELS understands that each person is different. That is why, we intent to meet everyone where they are and walk the journey together.

Independence is key to everything we do, and all the programs are design to give every individual the specific tools they need for their autonomy and freedom.

Our Day Services promotes independence and freedom by allowing each individual express their talent through their creativity. We believe that this is how they grow in what they aspire to do or to be.

The right staff-to-individual ratio is closed to our heart, that is why we keenly match our well-trained and qualified staff to the individual we serve. This approach enriches both the staff and the individual experience and builds their passion and devotion for the programs that they are working on.

Our programs have a positive impact on the lives of the individual we serve and their staff. We pride ourselves for this unique way of creating a symbiosis between the staff and the individual as to us this distinctive approach is the foundation on which individuals stand to explore activities and interests bias and judgement free.

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